Sunday, October 25, 2020

An Elegant Frozen Birthday Party

One of my favorite things to do is throw very special birthday parties for my kids. As Lexie has gotten older she of course has more of an opinion on the themes of her party. So while I might not have chosen it, her five year old heart just wanted an Anna and Elsa Frozen themed party. And her birthday girl wish was my command!

I did my best to make it feel like a frosted wonderland (and a little less cheesy charter-y) and I think she loved it!

I always try to make the dessert table the focal point, so for this one I combined this stand up castle with a balloon garland in the party colors for tons of visual impact.

As always, my incredibly talented mother-in-law made all the treats. The two-tiered cake was covered in fondant snowflakes, topped with white rock candy and adorned with Lexie's favorite Anna, Elsa and Olaf dolls. 

We wrapped the cupcakes in these gorgeous snowflake wrappers and topped them with silhouettes of Anna and Elsa (I love a silhouette and thought these were a classy nod to the characters).

The snowflake cookies were seriously so gorgeous and delicious. It's hard to tell in many of the photos, but above you can see I layered the table with iridescent wrapping paper (found at the Dollar Tree of all places) which really made a pretty backdrop for all the treats. I also layered in large snowflakes and faux snow, also from the Dollar Tree.

Rock candy and mini snowflake wands were fun details that carried through the theme.


I couldn't believe she even put the Frozen logo on the cookies!

For the kids table I used purple iridescent wrapping paper as a runner and then layered on snowflake plates and starburst plates, Frozen napkins, iridescent cups and more rock candy.

Of course you have to do some twirling if you're in an Elsa dress!

I'll be so sad when my kids get too big for a kids table at parties - I love decorating their tiny little table just for them and their friends. We have this table and use my mom's Pottery Barn one too to add extra seating.

I tied graphics from the invitations onto each treat bag, which were filled with Frozen goodies like stickers, play dough, crowns and even an iridescent sucker.

I narrowed down a few invitations to pick from and then let Lexie choose the invites. She chose these beautiful pale purple Elsa invitations.

I also hung these snowflakes and pretty iridescent stars above the kids table, which made the room feel so magical.

The kids had the best time decorating snowflakes with paint, sparkly snow and stickers. I'm always amazed how much little ones love projects like this - such a hit!

The party was nothing short of magical! Happy fifth birthday baby girl!

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  1. This is so beautiful! I am about to have a Frozen birthday party for my 3 year old! I live in the Wichita area too and wondered if you could share which Dollar Tree you got some of your stuff from? Thank you so much for sharing this adorable party!

    1. Hey Julie, I got it at the k-96 and Greenwich location!

    2. Thank you so much!! I’ll be purchasing a lot of your ideas from your links, thank you!

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