Thursday, September 19, 2019

Summer Peach Picking

I love having our children photographed at sweet ages, and since Evan just had his first birthday it was the perfect time to capture both his one year portraits and our family photos. I had my heart set on a beautiful shoot picking fresh summer peaches, so we headed to one of our favorite local farms (Meadowlark Farm in Rose Hill for those who are local) and had so much fun picking and posing.

I keep thinking what a sweet season of life we're in. Yes, often a bit demanding and tiring, but really sweet. Our kids are at the most precious ages. Lexie is smart as can be, sings and dances constantly and makes us laugh with all the funny and creative things she says. Evan melts my heart every moment - he's just absolutely adorable. I can hardly stop kissing his sweet face. He's snuggly and giggly and curious. These really are the good old days.

Our friend Katie of KT Photography did such a phenomenal job capturing these moments. We'll treasure these images for years to come.

By the end of the shoot he was covered in peach juice from taste testing our harvest.

My favorite season is summer, and I'm so happy to have these photos that perfectly capture that feeling of a summer evening well spent, picking peaches and making memories.


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