Thursday, October 12, 2017

One Room Challenge 2017 | Week Two | Modern-Traditional Powder Room

It's already week two of the One Room Challenge! If you missed it you can see my plans to redesign our main floor powder room here. I don't have a lot to show this week because the wallpaper hasn't arrived yet, and that's really what this whole thing hinges on!

I did stumble on this photo from Brooke Wagner Design and absolutely love it! I was debating between the wallpaper I ordered and more of a shibori/abstract paper like this and now I'm regretting not choosing that haha. But too late now!

The abstract artwork did arrive and is really beautiful. I am still hesitant about whether it will be too blue for the space so we shall see after the wallpaper gets here.

The light also arrived and I LOVE it! It's just beautiful and the scale and quality are phenomenal, especially for the price. The beads looks so high end and it's not sparse at all - very full and grand feeling. I can't wait to see it installed!

I also randomly ordered this little potted succulent from TJ Maxx which looks so much like the Pottery Barn ones. It wasn't necessarily for the powder room but its dusty gray-green color has me wondering if that shade might tie the grays I have planned in with the blue/green in the art.

I have not found quite the right mirror yet, despite checking Home Goods obsessively. Hopefully I'll have something by this time next week!



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