Monday, January 23, 2017

A Room Full of Art for $25

When I refreshed and rearranged our living room this fall, I knew I wanted to bring in some more modern and abstract art to the room. But as usual, I wasn't looking to spend a lot. Because of that, I discovered what I think is one of my best budget decor tips yet - printable art on Etsy!

Instead of purchasing a pricey print or canvas, you simply pay for an instant download of the art and then print it yourself in whatever size and paper you'd like. Most downloads are $5, some a bit more. But it's seriously so affordable! 

The only piece of art that's not a download is this gorgeous abstract piece, which is actually...wait for it...wrapping paper! I love it so much and it's so affordable ($4!!!!) I have it in two rooms of my house. And it fits (almost) perfectly in the largest Ikea Ribba frame so that makes it so easy! (sorry for the Christmas picture - it was the best up-close I had)

So I purchased four art prints and the wrapping paper, which came to a whopping total of $25 for art for the whole room! I printed them at home, but you could also take it to your favorite print shop and have any size you need done. Here are a few more of my favorite printable art pieces. Happy printing! (note - click on any photo to shop)

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