Friday, December 30, 2016

Best of 2016

 2016 was a pretty big year over at 12th and White. Not only was it most of our daughter's first year of life (she was born in late 2015) and her first birthday, this blog saw a lot of growth as I found my groove between being wife, mom, working and managing the blog. I'm really excited about all 2017 has in store. I have some fun ideas I'm really excited about in the coming months, as well as a couple more room refreshes as I refine my style. We are also planning to start looking for a new house this spring or summer, so you know that will be so exciting to share with you! (Anybody in Wichita looking for a great 4 bed, 2.5 bath ranch?!) 

As always, thank you for coming along this journey with me. Here are some of the highlights of 2016. Click on the post links to read each one in case you missed them! Happy New Year, everyone!

I shared my favorite Instagram accounts in the post 16 Best Home Decor Instagrammers to Follow. (I have even more great accounts to follow so I may do an update post soon!)

I also shared Our Fireplace Before and After – which just goes to show a coat of paint and some serious editing can go a long way in making a space feel new.

One of my favorite makeovers to date – our Hearth Room Refresh – was so fun to complete. A new couch, rug and coffee table anchored the space and the rest was just editing down and switching out accessories. Such a huge difference!

Apparently it was the year of the refresh as our Living Room Refresh came next. I've shared several times about the shift in my style from vintage to more modern, and this room definitely moved more in that direction.

And we can't forget what was probably the highlight of the year for our family, our daughter's First Birthday Party. I was so thrilled with how it turned out, with peach, blush and soft florals galore. It was simply beautiful, but also even more fun just to celebrate our sweet girl and her first year of life.

And lastly, I shared Our Christmas House Tour at the beginning of December. From my $25 thrifted tree to gold and blush accents, I love how our Christmas home turned out this year.


  1. Amazing mantel transformation. The birthday party decorations are gorgeous. Love your blog.
    Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks SO much Katie! Happy new year to you too!


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