Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kansas City's First Friday Market

As I mentioned in my last post, I got the great pleasure of shopping at Kansas City's First Friday vintage market last weekend. It was truly the best shopping I've ever gotten to do! I did take quite a few photos, though they are all from my cell phone so are not the best quality. But they are better than nothing : )

This is the outside of one of the most popular stores, Good JuJu. It was a total mix of styles, repurposed goods and vintage. Everything from trendy painted furniture to industrial to primitives and retro/mod looks. It wasn't my favorite "mix" but still cool to see it all.

A collection in the more primitive section

I loved the stacked benches and collection of crocks here

a more masculine display with old baseball gloves and pennants

This section reminded me a lot of The Cottage with the painted/refinished furniture

These next photos are from the Bottoms Up antique market, a three-floor warehouse filled with booths.

These urns were in a very high end section with fine antiques. There was a pair of each of the sizes, and the smaller was $500...a tad out of my price range but I totally loved them.

The ladies in this booth were so kind and kept my box of goodies behind their counter while I shopped : ) They had gorgeous displays and I loved everything

Their collection of unique ironstone pieces was amazing! Unfortunately, there is a big difference in price in ironstone between Wichita and Kansas City. Actually several of the dealers mentioned how much they love my favorite antique mall, Paramount Antiques. Many of them buy goods there and commented on how great the prices are...I have to agree!

There were tons of vintage Christmas ornaments, holiday displays and Christmas goods everywhere you turned.

I just put two and two together about this booth and I believe the next five photos are of Carol Spinski's space, Raised in Cotton. I just now realized it from some clues on Facebook. I have loved her work and followed her blog for quite a while, so I wish I would have known while I was there!

I loved all the textural, natural displays like this one.

I loved this display with winter neutrals

and the stacked glass boxes filled with texture-rich objects made the perfect display

These beadboard Christmas trees were one of my favorite things! I would love to make these to sell at The Cottage. They were pieces from old board or bead board with original white and mint green chippy paint cut and stacked to resemble Christmas simple but clever. Now I just need to find some chippy old wood!

Vintage frames are always a favorite

There were some great furniture pieces like this old white dresser

And fun displays made from utilitarian pieces

and lots of architectural salvage

This was such a gorgeous display from a dealer with beautiful European antiques

This cabinet was huge and amazing...and beautifully styled!

and last but not least...even more ironstone : )

If you have the chance to get to Kansas City's First Friday, you absolutely should! Their next show dates are December 7 and can't go wrong!

{live beautifully}

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  1. Anonymous11/07/2012

    Oh my 'lanta! I need to take Juju to her new favorite shop... Good Juju! ;) Love you and miss you already!


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