Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Vintage Find} Antique Botanical Prints

Well hello there friends! Is it Wednesday already? Today I wanted to share with you our souvenir from our trip to Atlanta. I'm not one to pick up t-shirts, shot glasses or key chains with a city name emblazoned across them. I like to bring back mementos from a trip that are meaningful and will be cherished reminders for years to come. In this case, I chose two antique botanical lithograph prints from an antique store in the historic district of Savannah {you can read more about our time in Savannah here}.

These particular prints are from an 1851 book titled American Flora. I loved the muted colors and old font. I have always loved framed botanicals as decor, so when I found them I knew they would be a perfectly beautiful reminder of our first anniversary trip together. 

Finding just the right frame for these was quite the task, and I still don't think these frames are 100% perfect. I found the most perfect chunky gray frame at Michael's, but the largest size available was 5x7, and I needed at least an 8x10 if not larger. The frames they are in now were on clearance at Kohl's. I think eventually I'd like to find larger ones with more detail, and add a matte to the prints. But for now, these work : )

And just for fun, here are some pretty pictures of botanicals as decor via Pinterest.






Hope you have a great day!
{live beautifully}

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  1. That picture you got of the flowers is beautiful. You really have a eye for beautiful art. I can't believe how beautiful it is for a piece that was made in the 18th century.


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