Our First Apartment

For the first two years of our marriage, we lived in a small apartment in an old house. It had great character, updated features and lots of charm, but was definitely "cozy." It was a two-bedroom, one bath, and we used one of the bedrooms as our family room. It wasn't picture-perfect, but I'd like to think it was pretty good for a first apartment! I was thankful every day we got to live there, and it was a great place to begin our lives together. Click on the links below each picture for more photos and details about each room.

The Kitchen

Posts about our kitchen
28 Cents
Our Summer Kitchen
Kitchen Shelves

Our Bedroom

Posts about our bedroom
Be Mine
An Alabaster Lamp
Quick and Easy Picture Frame

The Living Room 


Living Room Tour
Autumn's Arrival

The Powder Room

Posts about our powder room
The Powder Room
The Powder Room Redux

The Linen Closet

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