Monday, September 23, 2019

Affordable Vintage-Inspired Rugs

Every so often, I just get that itch to change something in a room. I can feel totally content with a room one minute and then suddenly decide, "Oh no, that's not quite right, it needs to be more like this." I suppose that's the evolution of style (or the influence of Instagram, you decide). I really love our living room and feel like the major pieces are in place, but I was craving something different for the rug. I love the layered look and the jute is pretty much indestructible, but I was ready for a change.

I decided I wanted a vintage-look rug, and of course I wanted it on a budget. I was hoping for something overall neutral but with some muted blues or even pinks mixed with grays, ivories and beiges. Let me tell you, I spent some time and effort finding just the right thing. I felt like I looked at google searches and scoured websites until my eyeballs bled. I finally found the perfect thing, but also discovered a lot of other really great rug options, so I thought I would save you the hours hunting and the eyeballs bleeding and round them up for you.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Can you guess which one I chose? They're all so pretty, right?! Number 5 was the one I originally thought I was going with and it's beautiful, with lots of subtle blues. Number 6 is just stunning (you can see it used in a room here) and I really loved it, but I decided it was just a little too pricey right now (though I have to say it's also a look for less as it's $800 here and $1600 everywhere else I looked!). Number 7 is really gorgeous when you see the detail shots, and I probably would have gone with it but it has been sold out in the 9x12 for a while. So that brings us to Number 8, the one I chose, and maybe one of my best look for less scores yet!

 photo via Studio McGee

It is the LoLoi Loren rug, which I had seen early in my search but didn't want to pay $719 for it (the price it's listed for on probably a dozen sites). I was perusing Overstock a few weeks later and stumbled on what they call the "traditional distressed gray/slate rug" (not the brand name). It is the exact. same. rug. For $300 less! I think it's gorgeous and such a steal for a 9x12! It's even less if you need a smaller size (here is the 5x7 for $118).

I cannot wait to get this rug in and show it to you in our space! Keep an eye on Instagram and I'll show you when it arrives.

PS - I also ordered this rug pad since it's a very thin rug.


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