Saturday, March 9, 2019

Easter Basket Ideas {Little Girl and Baby Boy}

One of my favorite things each year is putting together Easter baskets! {see Lexie's first basket here and toddler inspiration here} It's so fun to find sweet little somethings to fill their baskets and surprise them on Easter morning. Since Easter usually marks the beginning of spring and summer, I love to find seasonal items they can use throughout the next few months, as well as a few keepsake pieces that are extra special. Here are my picks this year for our 3-year-old girl and 7-month-old baby boy.

For Little Girls

{top to bottom}

For Baby Boys

{top to bottom}


That darling strawberry dress and carrot rattle are from Hallmark Baby, a brand I've really come to love and appreciate. They offer really classic, beautiful pieces for babies and toddlers without crazy price tags, and I really love their aesthetic. 

The Nibble book is from another of my favorite baby brands, Bunnies by the Bay. We have many of their darling stuffed animals, books, and our favorite blush tutu that Lexie wore for both her first and second birthdays is by them.

I'm completely obsessed with the mini wicker basket/purse with the gingham scarf! I've already ordered it for Lexie and hope she'll love storing her treasures in it and toting it around this summer.


 Easter Basket Idea Round Up

There are so many great Easter basket ideas like this out there, so I thought I'd gather my favorites in one easy place for you to get inspired! Click here to head to my Pinterest board with lots of Easter basket ideas and inspirations. 


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