Monday, March 20, 2017

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

I've confessed my love for celebrating holidays with little ones before, and Easter is no exception. You can see how I decked out Lexie's first Easter basket last year here. She was tiny then, and is definitely more of a toddler now, so I know she'll really enjoy the little gifts we've picked up for her.

I don't like to go overboard on the "smaller holidays" (ie not Christmas/birthday), but it is usually a good excuse for a couple new toys to keep her interested, or a new outfit or two with a change of seasons. Plus I just really love watching her discover new ways to play!

1. Lamb Plush | Bunny Plush - Sweet, charming keepsakes.
2. Bunny Ears - these are from Target, and are only sold in stores. So cute for $2! I'm planning on adding some faux flowers to ours for a sweet touch.
3. Felt Flower Headband - to go with the perfectly chosen Easter dress
4. Bunny Book | Marshmallow Book - can you ever have too many books? We would read all day if Lexie had her way.
5. Easter Bunny Pajamas - Just so cute!
6. Play Vegetable Garden Set - Mr. McGregor would be jealous!
7. Bunny Sippy Cup - Again...can you ever have too many with a toddler around?
8. Play Eggs - Pretend food is a current favorite.
9. Bunny Egg Decorating Set
10. Flower Play Set - Springy and great for fine motor skills.
11. Fairy Reusable Sticker Set - I am so excited to give Lexie her new sticker sets...I think she'll love them!

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  1. Miss you. Where did you go? Hope all is well in your world and life has just been busy.


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