Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Introducing Decorating Services

***UPDATE as of January 2016: Thank you so very much for your interest. With the birth of my daughter and a full-time job, I'm not able to offer decorating services at this time. Please check back in the coming months. Thank you for your support!***

Friends...I am so excited to announce that 12th and White is expanding to now include decorating services! If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram, you got a sneak peek at this news. I am so happy to be able to now offer these services!

I would be so thrilled to help those near and far with their decorating needs! Whether you could use some help picking a paint color, arranging a room, filling a wall, designing a space from scratch, shopping or sourcing furnishings, or just have a decorating question, I would love to help you! I know sometimes it's easy to get "stuck" while decorating your own home, or you may have a tricky design situation that simply needs a fresh pair of eyes. Maybe you love a certain look, but aren't sure how to achieve it on your own. I can help!

E-Decorating Services :: $40/hrThe internet is a magical thing! Whether you live in Wichita, KS, or across the country, I can help with your space! Services can include pretty much anything you need on the decorating spectrum, from a quick consultation, to full room design and sourcing over the time it takes to pull together a space. Here are some ideas of what can be included:
- Paint Color / Layout Recommendation
After seeing your space, I can work on recommending paint colors or wall coverings, the best furniture placement, etc.
- Shopping & Sourcing
Don't have time to shop for your furnishings or accessories? Let me do it for you! This can also include sourcing vintage and antique items, since that's my specialty.
- Design Boards
If you want a comprehensive plan and a visual starting point, I'll design a custom board for your space. Once I've gotten a feel for your needs and look (including your favorite inspiration photos and Pinterest boards), your timeline and your budget, I will design a custom design board just for you, including all sources.

Just a quick note - right now I'm not able to provide in-home consultation, even if you're local. But I'd be glad to help online!

{example design board}

My Specialties
- Neutrals
If you read this blog, that's obviously a pretty good sense of my "look." My signature style is sophisticated neutrals with a bit of a cottage flair.
- Vintage/Antiques
I also specialize in working unique vintage and antique pieces in with new decor. I travel near and far to find the best vintage goods, and can help you source some really fun items for your home.
- Budget Decorating
I can work on almost any budget. Even if you simply want your current decor revamped for $0, we can do that together. If you read this blog, you know I'm pretty thrifty, and can also help if you have a tight budget for new furnishings and accessories.
- Other Looks
My home is neutral, but I love all kinds of styles, from contemporary to farmhouse to French to colorful and eclectic. I can help you pull a space together no matter your personal tastes!

I have been passionate for decorating for so long, and I'm so thrilled to take my love for decor to a new level by helping others achieve the look they want in their home. I believe everyone should genuinely enjoy their space and make it a reflection of their life/family. It would be an honor to help any of you in this way!

Just EMAIL ME HERE. I can't wait to start this new adventure!


  1. Good for you Courtney! Your work is amazing.

    1. Thank you so much! You are always so sweet and I so appreciate your support! Blessings!

  2. I love the idea of grey, white and mint coloured bathroom! <3 We are just finnishing up a barhroom makeover, where we have painted the walls and the linoleum floor in grey. I think I might try the mint input!
    And hopefully get it on my blog when we finnish! Thanks for the inspo! :)

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