Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Up for Grabs from the Sale

If you couldn't make it to the 12th and White Sale, I do have a bit left. As promised, it's all up for grabs! If you want something, just shoot me an email at courtneymbrowning (at) gmail.com - I'll post multiple places so whoever emails first gets it. I'll send you a PayPal invoice once you've spoken for your item(s). Shipping would be an additional charge, and items that are for local pick up only are noted. I will update this post as items sell.

In the above picture, the pretty antique hamper with beautiful white and blue chippy paint is $45. Local pick up only.

Large antique ironstone mold - $45

 Beautiful ironstone mold - $40

My favorite piece of the whole sale, this incredible antique leaded glass window, did not sell. It's very long - maybe 3 feet wide? I haven't measured, but could get measurements if you're interested. It is gray on one side and white on the other. $125 - local pick up only.

I've always thought this large grain sack would be so cute framed in a kitchen. I love the graphics! SOLD

Silk Ikat pillow with cotton insert - $25. Antique gold frames - BOTH SOLD

Vintage red tool box - $20 (probably local pick up - it's super heavy so shipping would be pricey) Large vintage tin with typography - $12

Rectangular ironstone platter - SOLD
Blue floral vintage tureen - $20

Four vintage aqua canning jars - ALL SOLD
Vintage locker basket (has a wire topper that comes off, and there is a square cut out of the bottom so you couldn't really carry something in it, but it's still cute!) - $25
Two lavender sachets made from vintage French ticking - SOLD
Oval ironstone dish/soap dish - SOLD
Set of faux mother-of-pearl flatware (fork and knife) - SOLD
Vintage saddle soap tin - $6
Black scale - $33

Set of antique "chocolate cups" or demitasse cups - SOLD
Antique wire desk basket - SOLD

Large antique sugar tin - $50 
Various vintage silverware - ALL SOLD

Large wicker dome - $14
Painted sap bucket - $10

White painted sap bucket - $20

English sugar jar with lid (last one on the left) - $11.50 (sorry no others are for sale - I added it to my collection for the photo : )

Hope you find something you like! Let me know if you're interested in anything! 

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