Monday, July 28, 2014

Guest Bath Inspiration {Gray, White & Mint Bathroom}

Good morning friends! How was your weekend? Mine was spent sourcing some amazing new things for the big sale (more on that later), and dreaming about the next room makeover in our house.

I've been debating which room to tackle next, and have honestly been at a bit of a standstill on where to begin. It may seem like our house is done, but actually the entire back half of the house is mostly untouched. That includes three bedrooms (one to be an office), a hall bath, and our master bedroom. Somehow inspiration struck for the guest bath, so I guess that's where we're headed next! Here's what I'm thinking...

I know you're not too surprised by the white and gray : ) But I do want to add just a hint of color with mint - it always feels fresh and clean to me.

Here is how it's looking now. I apologize I forgot to take the photo during the day so it looks even worse in the evening with lights on, but at least you can see what we're working with. I recently found the bath mat at TJ Maxx and love it, and I already had the ruffled white shower curtain from our last house. The rest needs to go, however!

I really like the Hampton Bay Nadia collection from Home Depot, and will probably purchase the semi-flush mount and vanity three-light in the near future (the flush mount is on sale right now if you're interested!). I know it's picky but I much prefer lighting (especially vanity lights) with fabric shades rather than glass or plastic, so I think these fit the bill and lend a simple, elegant touch.

That plastic roller blind needs to go in a hurry, am I right? I would love to replace it with a custom roman blind made from this gorgeous Riad by Windsor Smith for Kravet in seafoam, but I think I'd probably have to sell my right leg to afford it (boo, expensive designer fabric). We'll see if I can find something similar for less. I love the geometric pattern, the fact that it's linen, and that it's a green that can read very gray, not too over-the-top green. 

Next up, shelving. I debated between a large piece of artwork to go above the toilet, or shelving. I think having shelves will allow me to add a little more personality through accessories (and change them up if I change my mind). This pretty wall shelf is from Home Decorators, though I'm not completely sure what shelf I'll actually go with. I'd really rather find something at a flea market for $15 that pay $150 for a ready-made piece, although this one is darling. So we shall see what I find.

The color will come through accessories like towels, soap and storage jars. I'm loving mint right now, but it's nice to know when I change my mind I can simply change out a few accessories for a new look. (Mason jars and soap - World Market, glass jar - Target, others - Google search)

I also plan to turn one of the balusters I recently found into a lamp for the counter. There is plenty of counter space, and I think it would add that unique vintage touch I love to have a salvaged piece incorporated. Plus I firmly believe in having a table lamp in every room to make it feel inviting!

So those are the big items - all decorative for now. I'd love to replace the tile, sink and toilet eventually, but for now a little "fluffing" will go a long way in giving this bath some personality. What do you think - is mint the right direction for this space? I'm excited to get started!




  1. I'm thinking along the same lines as you...we just re-did our bathroom. Everything is gray and white, then I plan on changing the accessories with the season...I love your mint idea. I'm using coral with mine right now, with change to bittersweet in the fall, red at Christmas, then who know. By just changing a hand towel and some accessories, it changes the room! Took me many years to figure that out. You're way ahead of me!

    1. The bittersweet during the fall sounds perfect! Love that idea!

  2. I'm not sure if you've been lately but the mint vases from Target like you posted are 30-50% off right now plus theres a coupon for $5 off a home purchase of $30! I'm obsessed with both Target and mint :) Can't wait to see your finished outcome!

  3. It looks like this will be gorgeous! My guest bathroom is gray/white/yellow, but I love that it will be easy for me to switch out yellow for another color at some point in the future.

    1. I actually considered yellow! I love sort of a daffodil/mustard and may do that in the guest room. I bet yours is darling!

  4. If I had come over here first, I would have known the answer to my own question about your blog name on FB! haha Love all the pretty bath inspiration!


    1. haha no worries Jeanette! It's a bit confusing! : ) Thanks for coming by!

  5. That is lovely. I like how simple it is. The only problem that I tend to have with white is the cleaning that goes into it. I had white tile floors and then it just became too much of a nightmare because you could see everything. It had to be vacuumed every single day and I don't care for that.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

  6. I always thought that any shade of green or blue gave a room a kind of a cold feel. Your idea of mint is truly inspirational. I have the arduous task of painting a very large bathroom for the summer. At the moment everything is white, but I am going to introduce mint and match it with beige. I think this will look stunning and not a bit chilly.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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