Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have a notoriously black thumb. I don't know that I've ever kept a plant alive longer than a few weeks. So when I went to the florist (aka the super market) to purchase some sunny spring daffodils, I was concerned there only seemed to be the potted variety available, not fresh cut. My dear mom explained to me that they don't really sell cut daffodils as they don't last too long. Hmmm...perhaps complete and utter horticultural ignorance might have something to do with my black thumb?

Well, a week or two later, Matt and I were out on a date and we stopped in one of my favorite downtown boutiques. I had a gift certificate so was looking for a little something fun. Imagine my surprise when I found this darling faux daffodil plant, complete with a mossy pot. 

Some people say it's poor taste to have faux plants in your house. I say some lovely silk daffodils are better than dead ones any day! : )

{live beautifully}


  1. They look real to me!

  2. MUCH prettier than dead flowers. I agree. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Who says it's poor taste??? Probably people who don't have good enough taste to select beautiful real looking faux plants and flowers for their own homes!

  4. Anonymous5/02/2012

    I completely agree Courtney!! There are some amazing faux flowers out there now. I have one bouquet of faux lilacs and I just love them!
    Your daffodil is gorgeous!
    Have a lovely night.

  5. I think it looks beautiful (and I have a black thumb too)!


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