Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fresh Linen

I don't know about you, but I love to have crisp, clean and fresh linens. I also am a sucker for anything that smells amazing. Perfume, hand soap, whatever, if it smells good I want it.

When I found this linen spray at Aerie, I knew it would be perfect to keep our linens smelling fresh and clean. The scent is heavenly. I think I've become addicted to misting our bed/room/clothes on a daily basis. The matching sachets do wonders in our drawers and closets too.

If you've been looking for some yummy linen spray, get yourself on over to Aerie. Seriously, I love this stuff! I don't think it's sold online, so you'll just have to take yourself to the mall, you poor thing.

I also may have a slight obsession with, well, everything in Aerie. Their clothes are completely me. They have a great mix of romantic, vintage and florals. I own a few choice items from there (I went nuts pre-honeymoon : ), but it's taken everything I have not to buy the entire fall line. Here are a few of my faves...

floral dress

floral tunic 

 softest tee

 sweetest sweatshirt

floral lace tank

Happy shopping!

{live beautifully}


  1. I love fresh smelling linens :) Lovely photos, tfs!

  2. Anonymous10/05/2011

    I'm a sucker for white sheets and towels. You've inspried me to make my bed up real pretty now. : )

    Linsey @

  3. White sheets, white towels, white Dove soap bar. white linen tablecloths and crisply ironed white cloth napkins...all staples in my house. I'm going to Aerie!

  4. Hi Courtney!
    I just came across your amazing blog and I am now your newest follower(on Pinterest too).
    I really enjoyed scrolling through your posts and can't wait to visit again!

    Blessings to you,

  5. Hi, just stumbled across your blog..linked to it from a pic of Aerie Suds & Kisses on pinterest, They discontinued this line years ago but I've been saving my last 1/4 of a bottle, almost out of sentimental purposes. Have you found anything that smells the same or even similar???

  6. omg! I love Aerie Suds & you know how I can get it again since it has been discontinued? or have you found a new brand that smells just like it? i would totally appreciate your prompt response.thank you


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