Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shop Love

Happy Thursday friends! I mentioned in the last post that I would share with you my favorite online shops. So here it goes! There were a lot to choose from, but I thought I'd narrow it down to ten. There might be one or two that I should have put on here if we were going by my very favorite places, but I also wanted to list resources you may not have heard of before. Hopefully you'll find some fun new shopping destinations on the web.

(Please note I'm not affiliated with any of these stores in any way and this list is based purely on my own opinions and where I like to shop.)

In no particular order...

Ten Online Shops You Shouldn't Miss


(and you can read the owner's blog here)

(read the owner's blog here)





(read the owner's blog here)


(read the owner's blog here)

Now isn't that just the most lovely list of pictures you've ever seen?? Such wonderful things! Happy shopping!

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  1. Anonymous7/01/2010

    Okay, girlie....Hutchinson is sooooo worth the trek. Went on our roadtrip today and loved every moment. Since you are doing a list, I will give you my top four places to go. #1 Necessities of the Past, Present, and Future. This has a junk yard type area to the side, but the shop is even better. Filled to the ceiling with goodies (I am not kidding you!). Some good prices, some a little steeper than I expected. I bought a tin pail with a neat label, a round tin Cake Box (great black and green paint showing), an enamel bowl (I collect the white with black edging). AWESOME Store!!! #2 Scribbles & Scraps/Good Old One shop. They are getting rid of the scrapebook goodies, so that just leaves a wonderful mix of new and old items. Fabulous ideas. I had to stop myself from going crazy, but found a great (new) sign that is cream/black for my kitchen that has Shaker's Choice Vegetable Seeds. #3 Bear Blessings. Great stuff in the very back. Old windows and screens for under ten dollars! I was undecided on those, so just purchased a tin plate (the white with the black edging - again). The last wonderful place was actually the Salvation Army. I found a big Toledo candy scale for ten dollars!!! Looked on some sites this evening and they priced these around fifty to seventy-five dollars. Fun!!! Great for above my kitchen cabnet area. There is also an adorable old grocery store that is great for snack time. There are a few other antique shops, but nothing else I was too jazzed about. We did go to the Goodwill in town. Lots of goodies, but didn't find anything I couldn't live without.

    My friend Gail did very well for herself as well. Two vintage suitcases, a frame, a great white dish, some scrapebooking items at 60% off, and a bulletin board.

    Plan a day with your friends or family. We loved every moment.

    Let me know when you have time to go. You won't regret it. Fondly - Mira

  2. Mira you need a BLOG!! all of that sounds fabulous and i would looove to see pictures! i kind of doubt i will be able to get away this weekend from Arlington like i thought, but since i now know hutch is so amazing i will definitely go soon! that's so great about the scale for $10. i love with things like that happen!

    also, i checked out the web site and facebook for paramounts antique mall, and guess where i'm headed right after work tomorrow? oh yes, i will be there taking advantage of their 4th of july 10% off. thanks for the tip! hopefully i'll have some goodies to share! keep me posted on all your latest finds and adventures too!!

    hope you have a great independence day weekend!

  3. you have showcased some beautiful blogs!! thank you!

  4. Anonymous7/02/2010

    You are sweet to say I need a BLOG, but I really don't have the time to maintain it. I am thrilled you are making your trip out to the Antique Mall. I live in Auburn Hills about a mile away from the mall, so it is always there tempting me. I am excited to hear what you think and more importantly find!

    Have a great Fourth weekend. We will definitely enjoy ours. Mira

  5. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Mom said.....
    Some really beautiful stuff! I see why you like them!
    Love you!


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