Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Decor Boredom

Happy Tuesday! In case you haven't noticed yet, I think I have decorating ADD. That or I get bored really easily. So of course I've already switched around a lot of the decor I did a few weeks ago for summer. Here are a few changes I made.

My favorite terrarium is now overflowing with greenery. Probably too much greenery actually. It's supposed to sort of be a green, white and burlap look, but I think we're mostly getting green here, no?

In the center is a fun little fern, surrounded by burlap ribbon, moss ribbon and moss balls. I also added a few starfish to break up the green, and some little white eggs I don't think you can see at all, plus one of my new mini chalkboards.

What do you think? Green overload? Does it look like I'm growing a forest?

I was actually pretty thrilled about the burlap ribbon (40% off from Michael's) and the moss ribbon (60% off from JoAnn's) and I think they look gorgeous together when not being eaten by a green monster under a terrarium.

And if you remember from a few weeks ago, my terrarium had coral and starfish in it for summer, so of course those had to be moved elsewhere to make room for my green blob greenhouse. They ended up in my bathroom (not in the middle of the floor like in these pictures, don't worry) with some of my fave Savon de Marsielle soaps in my flea market wire urn. I'm loving the mix of this!

And if you want to see what I'd really like to do with the glorious Savon de Marsielle soaps, check out Maria from Dreamy White's blog post today. I swear I was going to blog about this before I saw her display, but now I'm totally in vintage cupboard/white pedestal/lots o' soap/lavender envy. She does the best stuff!

Care to share what you've been moving around/recreating in your homes lately? And/or what blog pics you've been drooling over? I'd love to hear about it!

Well, off to a softball game! Talk to you beautiful ladies soon!

{live beautifully}



  1. courtney! I love terrariums..I have 3 right now in the house, one I was filling with herbs in pots but they all died...sooo sad :(

  2. I think your terrarium looks mighty cute! Not to much green...It's so lively!

  3. Love the terrarium. I think it looks fabulous. The soaps and coral are just fabulous. Great changes. Hugs, Marty

  4. Anonymous7/07/2010

    Mom said....

    I can't quite see the burlap & moss ribbon....guess I'll just have to pop on by & take a personal look :)


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