Monday, June 28, 2010

The Numbers Fairy

Looky looky what came in the mail yesterday! It seems the numbers fairy has come to the hive once again and transformed ordinary objects into interesting, funky and unique pieces with just a few swishes of her numerical wand. And I looooove when that happens!!

Ok, so maybe it wasn't the numbers fairy, but I did get these vintage enamel numbers from The Graphics Fairy on etsy. I had been scouring the internet for enamel numbers like this, but all of them were $10 or $20 each! A thrifty girl like me just can't have that.

And then, I stumbled upon the Graphics Fairy's etsy site and it was like magic. Three beautiful enamel numbers for $10! Yes, please! You can ship those straight to Kansas.

So numbers 21, 53 and 45 are now a part of my growing numbers family, and they really love their brothers and sisters, galvanized pails 2, 3, 4 and 8, and votive candles 2, 6 and 9, as well as granddaddy number 4 pillow. They all get along great here in the hive!

Little 53 I added to my clearance galvanized planter. I am waiting for the dried lavender from to come back in stock to fill it with. Would be perfect, don't you think?

Number 45 is now gracing my porcelain hand, and I think she fits in quite nicely.

And I added little 21 to my kitchen potting shelves on a galvanized bucket filled with moss rocks from the Dollar Tree. The moss bird was $3 from Nell Hill's. Lovely, no?

I'm sure my new numbers will travel all over, getting moved from project to project and vignette to vignette. I'm just thrilled with them!


Ok, so these cherries aren't quite related to the numbers, but I thought these shots were summery and pretty.

Right now I'm working on a post about my favorite online shops. Stay tuned for that soon!

{live beautifully}



  1. Anonymous6/29/2010

    1) I am still having nightmares about the hand...

    2) GREAT find! You are all about the numbers

    3) I'll be in town early on Thursday night - call me - you can come visit if you'd like!

    love you.

  2. Anonymous6/29/2010

    Love your new numbers. They fit it great with your others - - and I LOVE fresh cherries!! Yummy. Great pics. KG

  3. Anonymous6/29/2010

    Mommy said.....

    Oh such cute numbers! But I really love those pics of the cherries....makes my mouth water!


  4. That is the cutest little pedestal! Love the numbers as well, really cute!


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