Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Traditional with a Twist: Local House Tour

Today I have such a pretty house tour to share with you! I met Linda through my sale in September. She purchased a few things from me afterwards, and I got to peek at her home when I went to drop them off. I couldn't believe what a gorgeous house she had! A few months later I asked if I could photograph her home for the blog, because I knew you all would love to see it!

Linda's home is very traditional but with fun, artistic touches. Linda is so creative, and I loved seeing everything she could come up with! The home was built in the 70s, but was custom-built by a woman with great taste who used salvaged marble, wide moldings, deep windows, ceiling beams and hardwoods for a very classic feel.

Linda's table was set for Thanksgiving. I loved her centerpiece of simple grapevine, hedge apples and dollar store black birds. Perfect!

Linda is the creative force behind Lizzie Kate, a cross-stitch design company she and her husband run out of their home. She just has that creative knack, not to mention business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit. I so enjoyed learning more about everything she has accomplished!

Her family room is so cozy! I love her buttery leather couch and the pine coffee table. It was a good reminder to buy classic pieces that will last. Everything I pointed out that I loved she would say, "oh I bought that years ago!"

I adored her coffee table. She said she brought it back from Arizona several years ago. She found it while on a missions trip, and it traveled back to Kansas in the back of the church bus. Sounds exactly like something I would do! : )

Her shelves are darling, filled with the perfect mix of classic and interesting elements.

I love the way she covered books with brown paper. So fun!

This reproduction pine table in her kitchen was another favorite of mine. Don't you love the chartreuse on the walls?

Linda has quite a collection of tole trays throughout the house. They make such a statement all together. I love these petite versions hung on a small wall space in the kitchen.

Linda did the chalk design freehand. Can you believe it?

I loved her thankful tree, ready for the holidays ahead.

More tole trays in the beautiful foyer.

If you love this house...good news! They are building so it's up for sale! I would move in tomorrow if I could : )

Isn't Linda so pretty? She's one of those classy, fashionable gals you just want to be friends with. Thank you so much, Linda, for letting me tour your home! I loved every second!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Pottery Barn Inspired Little Boy's Room

Morning! Today I wanted to share with a space I just finished for an e-design client. It was so much fun to work on, and while the homeowner is still working on pulling the space together, I think the direction she's headed is going to be darling!

But first I wanted to say thank you to Kim from the beautiful blog Savvy Southern Style for allowing me to guest post on her blog last Friday! I got to share all about my favorite room and it was such an honor to be featured on such a gorgeous blog! Welcome to anyone coming over from SSS – I'm so glad to have you here! In case you missed it you can go here to read all about my favorite room.

Stephanie, the homeowner, recently moved to a new state and wanted help with the finishing touches of her second floor. She is working on finishing several spaces and was on a tight budget, so we opted to focus on her two top-priority spaces. Ya'll know I'm all about watching the budget : ) Today I'm sharing our plan for her four-year-old son's room. Since we don't have kids, this was a fun one for me to be able to do.

Here is the before picture of the space. She already had the furniture, but needed finishing touches to tie it all together. She had already chosen a nautical theme and navy, red and white as the colors, so we went from there. The layout needed to stay essentially the same for reasons of practicality, so we chose to inject color and interest into the room with fun accessories and textures. She's also planning on painting the bed black to tie in with the hutch and give a cohesive feel.

I was hoping to achieve a Pottery Barn Kids look without the price tag. I wanted the room to feel pulled together and intentional but still very fun.

She already had the plaid bedding, and I suggested she pair it with a wide navy and white sheet set from Target, then make the bed like the photo below from Holly Mathis to show both patterns. I love mixing patterns like plaid and stripes to add layers to a look! 


Stephanie also requested open wall shelving, and I thought this shelving unit from IKEA fit the bill with its clean lines but industrial feel. I suggested she wrap the tension wires with jute or rope to add an extra nod to the nautical look.

I also wanted to add a few items that could grow up with him, since kids change so fast. This side table goes great with a nautical little boy space, and can stick around for a more industrial pre-teen or teenage room. The lamp is classic enough to stay too. And I just loved these little whale tail hooks for a bit of subtle whimsy!

Stephanie also wanted a cozy place for her son to play and read. Since it's a small space, I thought a little reading nook under the window with a floor cushion and a few pillows would be a fun hideout. The rug is soft and perfect for playing, but adds lots of texture and interest to the room. He can stash his favorite items and books in the metal wall pockets nearby.

This was such a fun space to work on! I am just dying to see how Stephanie pulls it all together! I know it will be darling!


If you would like to learn more about 12th and White's decorating services, please go here.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

Since launching decorating services, I've noticed a lot of what people ask me is about finishing touches. Things like accessorizing, filling a wall, styling shelves, etc. can be a challenge for all of us. It takes time, vision and creativity. So today I thought I would show you three ways to style a coffee table, and some tips and tricks along the way.

Look 1: Everyday Elegance

This is how our living room coffee table looks on a daily basis. It has some of my very favorite accessories on it - a gray wicker tray, a few large finials, a great faux topiary, and a large orb, to name a few. The look is cohesive, casual enough for everyday, but still feels pulled together.

Tips from this look:

- Use trays to corral items, create "sections" or elevate an object -
The large tray groups all my objects so they feel cohesive and collected. A smaller silver platter elevates a stack of photos to a place of prominence. Each defines a section of the coffee table.

- Give your guests something interesting to look at -
In this case, I had a set of my favorite Instagram snaps printed by Origrami. Everyone loves to look through these at parties and showers!

- Don't forget the basics -
Coasters and coffee table books are staples for a reason. Give your guests an obvious (and pretty) place to set their drinks, plus an interesting book to flip through.

- Display what you love -
These are a few of my favorite things, so it makes me happy looking at them each evening when we relax on the couch

- Add an interesting shape -
The metal orb adds curve and an industrial edge to the hard lines of the table, books and trays

Look 2: Organic

This look was a fun one to style because it came together a tiny bit more modern than I usually go. None of the elements in and of themselves is terribly modern, but the overall look feels updated and fresh.

Tips from this look:

- Use varying shapes and heights to add interest - 
A long rectangle, octagon, sphere and lattice pattern are all shapes seen here. They play off one another to give the look depth. The varying heights of the objects also give dimension instead of leaving the decor feeling flat. Use books as risers to boost height if you need to.

- Bring nature in -  
Here I simply trimmed branches from a tree in our yard for a pop of green and touch of nature. It gives the whole thing a more organic shape with the natural curve of the branches.

- Add varying textures -
In the world of textures, opposites usually work well together. Here the shiny sphere plays well against the wicker to create interest.

- Use organic materials -
Here a marble cutting board gives an natural and elegant touch. Marble, stone and wood all bring more organic elements into a look

Look 3: Farmhouse Fresh

This look took me the longest to pull together but ended up being my favorite. I had to pull lots of items from other rooms and vignettes, so it just shows it pays to think outside the box and shop your house!

Tips from this look:

- Use what you have -
I felt the wood dough bowl needed some additional weight, so I grabbed a hand towel from the guest bath. It's an unexpected addition but adds visual weight, pattern and softens all the wood.

 - Create groupings -
The power of three in a vignette can't be beat. Here a pitcher, zinc cake stand and pumpkin combine together for the perfect fall farmhouse look.


- Choose a look -
For some reason, I had the word "farmhouse" in my head for a third style. While my overall decor doesn't scream "farmhouse" I knew I could pull a few specific items that fit that category. If you want to create a certain look like industrial, French, cottage, etc., choose only items that evoke that look on their own. When pulled together, they'll create quite a statement.

- Get creative -
Use architectural salvage in unique ways, such as corbels as bookends or an old shutter as a tray. 

- Keep it simple - 
In this look, there really aren't that many objects used. Stick with unique objects that tell a story and you won't need much.

It was so much fun to get creative with what I had and style our living room in new ways! Hopefully it sparked an idea and gave new inspiration for you too!


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