Monday, March 20, 2017

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

I've confessed my love for celebrating holidays with little ones before, and Easter is no exception. You can see how I decked out Lexie's first Easter basket last year here. She was tiny then, and is definitely more of a toddler now, so I know she'll really enjoy the little gifts we've picked up for her.

I don't like to go overboard on the "smaller holidays" (ie not Christmas/birthday), but it is usually a good excuse for a couple new toys to keep her interested, or a new outfit or two with a change of seasons. Plus I just really love watching her discover new ways to play!

1. Lamb Plush | Bunny Plush - Sweet, charming keepsakes.
2. Bunny Ears - these are from Target, and are only sold in stores. So cute for $2! I'm planning on adding some faux flowers to ours for a sweet touch.
3. Felt Flower Headband - to go with the perfectly chosen Easter dress
4. Bunny Book | Marshmallow Book - can you ever have too many books? We would read all day if Lexie had her way.
5. Easter Bunny Pajamas - Just so cute!
6. Play Vegetable Garden Set - Mr. McGregor would be jealous!
7. Bunny Sippy Cup - Again...can you ever have too many with a toddler around?
8. Play Eggs - Pretend food is a current favorite.
9. Bunny Egg Decorating Set
10. Flower Play Set - Springy and great for fine motor skills.
11. Fairy Reusable Sticker Set - I am so excited to give Lexie her new sticker sets...I think she'll love them!

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Friday, March 10, 2017


We're still in the planning stages of our 30th birthday trip to Charleston, and this new boutique hotel has me swooning. Even if you don't plan on staying, their Instagram is worth following.

This bathroom reno from The Leslie Style is stunning! I love her point about the accessories making the room, too.

While we're on the subject of bathrooms, how about this beauty from Heather Bullard? All the heart eyes!

Ikea's latest sofa is really lovely, with a bit more sophistication than most of their usual offerings.

A whole lot of eye candy in this sweet shop themed birthday party (yes...birthday party)

I made this one-pot recipe last week and it was a hit and so easy!

Wisteria is offering up to 30% off anything you can set a drink on - so all their gorgeous chests, tables, trays, etc. You guys know I'm a budget shopper, but sometimes a stunning heirloom-quality piece is worth the splurge, and that's totally what Wisteria's beautiful furniture is. I'm eyeing a couple really special things for our new house.

Top row: chest | tray | bench
Bottom: tray | trunk | chest

Happy weekend, everyone!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Get the Look: Layered Rugs

I shared a few weeks ago that our living room got a new addition – a second rug. We already had this great classic jute in a 9x12 size that filled the space perfectly and added tons of texture, but I wanted to change things up a bit.

Layering a second, smaller rug over a larger natural fiber one is a design trick I'm seeing more and more. It adds tons of depth and interest to a room, and can even introduce a different mood or color palette. In our case I wanted to lighten things up a bit and break up all the brown, so I chose this very affordable ivory and gray 5x7 to go on top. On its own it would be far too small for the space, but since the jute rug is the proper size, it's a nice contrast.

Usually natural fiber rugs are fairly affordable, so this is a great way to save a bit if you need to fill a large space but still want that wow that a statement rug brings – it's certainly much cheaper to buy a 5x7 vintage oushak than a 9x12!

It's also great for those of us who like to change things up often. A natural fiber rug like jute or sisal is timeless and can last you through many trend changes. But it's so simple to give a space a different feel by just adding a secondary rug on top.

The possibilities are pretty endless here - add a pop of color with an overdyed rug, extra detail with an intricate kilim, or even more texture with a shag, fur or hide rug.

I rounded up a few picks for inspiration if you're looking to do some layering of your own. Most any natural fiber rug would be a great base, although I'd love to try it with a white jute on bottom and then more of a pop on top. Which is your favorite?

G E T  T H E  L O O K

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The 15 Best Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

Ya'll know I love me some Instagram. Daily inspiration from talented people around the world, plus connecting with others, plus behind-the-scenes peeks at work and life with Stories. It's just my fave. I especially love seeing the work of true interior designers. There are so many gorgeous interior feeds out there (I shared my 16 favorites here), but there's just something about the professionals that are unlike any other. So these are my 15 favorite interior designers to follow on Instagram. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

S T U D I O  M C G E E

(hands-down my favorite designer, on Insta or anywhere else!)

B R I A  H A M M E L

L E X I  G R A C E

L E X I  W E S T E R G A R D

K A T E  M A R K E R

A L I C E  L A N E  H O M E

H O U S E  O F  J A D E

M A R I E  F L A N I G A N

B L A C K  B A N D  D E S I G N

S H E R R Y  H A R T

C O C O  A N D  J A C K

L I N D S E Y  B R O O K E  D E S I G N

M I N D Y  G A Y E R

B E C K I  O W E N S

K E L L Y  N U T T

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees {And Where We Got Ours}

I know fiddle leaf fig trees have been trending for like, five years now, but I feel like the faux-plant world is just now catching up with the demand. I absolutely love the look of them, but I have a notorious black thumb, and have always been pretty nervous to shell out $100+ on a plant I know I will probably kill. So, faux fiddle leaf trees it is!

I purchased this one (shown in both pics of our house) last August and really love the pop of green it brings. (Unfortunately it is sold out on all the sites I could find it on, but it is supposed to come back in stock in the next month or two.) It's a great faux and I love it hanging out in pretty much any corner of our home. Since it's a four-foot, I've been eyeing a more substantial seven-footer to bring even more drama. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but here are the ones I'm considering that are both beautiful and budget friendly.

The Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

This one probably has my favorite shape out of them all. It's a good price, but the only drawback is it comes in a set of two, so unless you need both, you'll have to find a friend to split it with.

Target has a great faux fiddle, though it's more of a bush than a tree.

This one is finally back in stock from World Market, and with their frequent coupons, it can be a great and affordable choice.

The 4' one we purchased - hopefully back in stock soon!

Pottery Barn's fiddle leaf is a great size and style. I saw it in person in our local store last weekend and it's a beauty, if a bit pricey.

This is probably the one that's at the top of my wishlist! Unfortunately it too is sold out right now, and I've been waiting several weeks for a back in stock email. Worth keeping an eye on!

My runner up pick - classic and very well priced!

It's also worth noting some of the best ones I've seen in people's houses online are from Home Goods. I have checked incessantly to see if our Home Goods has one with no luck. So keep an eye out at your local store and you may just score one! (And if it's in Wichita and you are not in need of a fiddle leaf, please call me ; )

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Saturday, February 25, 2017


The portfolio of one of my favorite designers is just too good - so much to Pin!

Has anyone else been following Jenna Sue's Cottage House Flip? She revealed it this week and the results are just stunning! You won't believe the before and afters.

I had been thinking of finding a wood playhouse for Lexie this spring, with a hope to paint and redo it. Then I stumbled on this playhouse makeover and it's the perfect darling inspiration!

Target just released tons of new items in their Pillowfort line for kids! I used this ballerina doll throw pillow in the play room and it's so cute and such a great price! (here's the swan head | sparkle pillow | crown pillow | pouf)

This shop on Etsy has some gorgeous vintage oushak rugs at good prices.

I was in Old Navy this week and was impressed with their winter-into-spring looks. I snagged this blush cross body for the warmer months when I don't like to carry a full purse, but was crushing on every shade. I also grabbed these floral shorts for summer (upping my summer shorts-and-v-neck uniform game) and this darling chambray ruffle for Lexie. 

Happy weekend friends!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Blush and Peach Playroom Reveal

It's finally here! You guys have been so patient as I put the finishing touches on the playroom, and I am so excited to share it with you today! This space was so much fun to put together, which is very fitting because we have so much fun using it. 

Lexie absolutely loves her little canopy reading nook. She loves bouncing in the pillows, closing the canopy around her, and reading books together all snuggled up in the corner. It was such a good addition!

We actually aren't even using all the storage this room has...yet. I'm sure as she grows the toys will grow too (though we try not to go overboard) and I'm so glad to have a place to keep them all.

This cube unit from Target is the perfect solution to keep most of her things, as well as plenty of books. We can just toss everything in at the end of the day and it's all tucked away, but it's all in easy reach for her.

You might have seen my Instagram Stories about this wall art - it's actually framed wrapping paper from Home Goods. I knew what I wanted to do the moment I spotted it in the store. Of course it proved a little more tricky than I thought, and the paper wasn't long enough to fill the size of frame I wanted, so it took a bit of cutting/patching together, but I love how it turned out! You can't beat $5 wall art!

She absolutely loves the play table we got her for Christmas, and I know we'll use it for years to come.

This little horse was a good reminder why I don't really do painting/DIY projects haha! It was a TJ Maxx Christmas find that was natural wood, and I wanted to paint it to match the room. I ended up repainting the peach part about 5 times trying to get the shade right. It finally came together though!

This room is pretty tiny (maybe 10 by 10) so it's proof that a little organization and intentional decor can really go a long way in making a space what you want it to be. Plus she's still so small she doesn't need tons of space to play, so it works perfectly for her.

 Thanks so much for taking the tour of our play room! Lexie and I loved sharing it with you!

G E T  T H E  L O O K

A L L  S O U R C E S
Paint Color: Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore

Play Table Area
Play Table: Wayfair
Paper Houses: local boutique Love of Character | available online from Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
Rainbow Stacking Toy: Etsy
Wall Art: Framed wrapping paper from Home Goods | Similar
Felt Ball Garland: Etsy
Rug: Overstock

Storage Area
Round Bins: Home Goods | Similar
Curtains: TJ Maxx
Cube Storage Unit: Target
Cube Storage Bins: Target
Paper Doll House: Lille Huset (little dolls were Target Christmas ornaments)
Blush Boxes: Sugar Paper for Target (no longer available)
Scalloped Metal Cake Stands: World Market
Felt Doughnuts: Etsy
Blush Tutu Doll: Bunnies by the Bay
Wooden Horse: TJ Maxx and painted by me | similar here
Unicorn Headband: Etsy
Felt Flower Headband (on horse): Avery and Grey | similar

Canopy Wall
Blush Canopy: Bed, Bath and Beyond
White Pom Pom Pillow: Home Goods | similar | similar
Floral Pillow: Laurel and Blush
Blush Bow Pillow: Kohl's
Gold Stripe Bow Pillow: Target
Ballerina Bunny: Anthropologie
Ice Cream Cone Pillow: Tuesday Morning | similar
Blush Belly Basket: Wayfair
Doll in Basket: Target
Animals in Basket: Home Goods | similar | similar | similar | similar
Wooden Shopping Cart: Pottery Barn Kids


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