Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Living and Dining Room

Today I wanted to share our living/dining room with a few fall touches added. If you missed it, you can see our fall hearth room here.

Just like in the hearth room, I tried to add a few items in harvest colors to warm things up. 

I already had the textured throw and wreath pillows, and picked up the gray and gold velvet pillow pillows at World Market. 

The gold/white branches were from Michael's a few years ago. 

I also added my favorite gray plaid throw to our side chair to cozy things up, and added turkey feathers and a pumpkin to the trophy collection.

In our dining room, I simply changed the centerpiece to include pumpkins in urns and velvet pumpkins in a dough bowl.

I won these velvet pumpkins from a giveaway My Sweet Savannah did with Love Feast Shop a couple years ago, and I still absolutely love them!

I was trying to channel my inner Pottery Barn with the fall branches and mercury glass pumpkins : )

I had to laugh when Matt looked at these shelves as I was styling them and asked, "Do people who are, you know, into this stuff, know that it looks different now?" He cracks me up! No, there probably isn't a vast difference on the shelves (all still neutrals and silvers) but at least there are a few fall touches thrown in for those of us who are "into this stuff" : )

I didn't change much on the buffet, just added some pumpkins and fall foliage.

But that is the fun thing about a tiered stand - you can change it up with just a few little accessories.

I cut the red leaves off a bush in our front garden - I have no idea what they are but they look pretty for autumn! 

I stacked the dough bowl on some old book bundles to add some height to the centerpiece. My mother-in-law was kind enough to buy me the dough bowl at an antiques shop in Arkansas because I'd been wanting one for so long, especially for the velvet pumpkins!

Mercury glass pumpkins from TJ Maxx - I've seen them there again this year if you want some too!

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Fall Hearth Room

So now that the sale is over I can focus more on what this blog is really all about...decorating! Over the weekend I added some early fall touches throughout our home. I also have some other fun decorating ideas and tutorials coming up so stay tuned!

This room always feels the "coziest" to me, so I love it decorated for fall. I tried to bring in some gold accents as well as a few rustic pieces for this time of year.

Our hearth got a boxwood wreath, some pumpkins in the urns and a few layered fall items like wheat and leaves.


I picked up this beautiful gold velvet pillow from World Market, and I think it adds just the perfect warm but elegant touch in here.

Probably my very favorite thing is this antique autumn print, which I got at estate sale for $3! I placed it in a gold and linen frame I already had and it makes the perfect addition to the mantel.

I think I buy a few new pumpkins every year, and the orange and green ones in the photo were a few new additions to my collection (from Hobby Lobby). I think I have a bit of a pumpkin problem...25 and counting!

I love this cool fruit basket lid Joey picked up for me! She knew I had been wanting a large tobacco basket, and she thought of me when she saw this "little sister" version. I hung a green wreath on it for depth (wreaths are another thing I'm developing a bit of a hoarding problem with...), and I love the rustic texture it brings. 

Preserved oak leaves always add such a pretty splash of color.

I haven't added much fall decor to the kitchen yet, mostly because pumpkins and gourds aren't all out yet at the store. I did tuck some tried gourds into an apothecary jar, then filled a little pitcher with some wild turkey feathers a friend gathered for me. 

I also replaced the apples on my French baguette board with pears...not a huge change really, but I'm waiting for the little white mini pumpkins to be available at the store.

This is a good photo to leave off with, as we'll move through this doorway into the living/dining room decorated for fall tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed the hearth room!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pretty Sale Photos {Melissa Click Photography}

Let me tell you a story...a story about one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. When I announced my sale, I had no idea so many people would be interested in it. Turns out some of you all are as crazy about vintage and home decor as I am : ) But I especially had no idea anyone from beyond Wichita would want to make a trip just for the sale. I mean seriously. But one kind, sweet woman did. Her name is Melissa Click, owner of Melissa Click Photography in Tulsa, Okla., and picture taker extraordinaire. 

{here she is scoping out the vintage goodies}

I had never met her, never emailed with her, nothing...but she reached out to me offering her amazing services the day of the sale. She wanted to drive all the way from Tulsa just for my sale. I was floored. Blown away, actually. The kindness of strangers is still alive and well my friends, and it's beautiful.

 {the amazing sweets my mother-in-law made}

{Gorgeous candles from Milk + Honey Candles}

She is SO talented! She and her friend Marley drove up to Wichita, stayed the night, and arrived bright and early as we were setting up. Or, I should say, as I was running around like a crazy woman barking orders at my husband and helpers, trying not to be stressed out, but basically acting like a nut : )

She and Marley were so kind and gracious. They spoke sweet and calming words, gave such sweet compliments, and helped me feel more at ease and confident as everything was coming together.  

Not to mention, aren't these photos to. die. for?? I mean seriously - gorgeousness on a whole new level!

I am so completely grateful Melissa was kind enough to reach out to me! It was probably the thing I was most grateful for throughout the day, because I never really got to "look" at everything and take it all in before the crowds came and it was all, well, gone. I was so thankful we already had beautiful, professional photos of everything. And it was so nice that I didn't have to try to be the photographer in the midst of getting everything ready. Such a blessing!

{ignore my sweats and medusa curls haha}



{an action shot...everybody was in motion!}

{Melissa and I}

So the moral of this little story is...kindness does immeasurable good. Melissa's kindness to me has actually made me stop and ask how I can be more generous, more giving, more thoughtful. It was so amazing to be the recipient of such a selfless act, and I would love to pass it on!

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